Zooh! Ad

I love this ad. I just hope there was no photo-shoot for it. :p





Land Rover Phone Ad

1- I didn’t know Land Rover made phones!

2- I am assuming that elephant saw a mouse? How about the other junk on top of him? Why are they scared? I don’t get it! They could have used the elephant alone – it’s not like it’s just a few pounds in weight…




Faber-Castell Ad












I am fascinated by sharks. Did you know that they are the only living creatures that never get sick – like ever! Still they scare the crap out of me.

I love the graphic work on this ad capturing all the shades and relating them to those of their pencils.





Panasonic Viera 3D TV Ad

Good boy! :p

I bet she makes a great mom!





Queen Bee Waxing Salon Ad

poor thing! I really hope the redness is God-given and not due to waxing! :p





YoSushi Ad

I am a huuuuge sushi fan. I think it’s the next best thing after electricity and the Internet, but this ad is just not working for me.

I get that they want to portray how fresh their sushi is, but it’s so not appetizing!




Fiat 500 Ad

I generally dislike this ad for the following reasons:

– I’m not a fan of French cars – at all!

– I am not a fan of using animals in advertising especially when dressed in teddy bear suits (ouch! Horrible Miley flashback!)

– I just am not buying this whole Fiat has a dark side thing, unless they mean that one side is painted in light colors and the second in black :p

Oh and PS: animals don’t have a dark side. People do.

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