Queen Bee Waxing Salon Ad

poor thing! I really hope the redness is God-given and not due to waxing! :p






YoSushi Ad

I am a huuuuge sushi fan. I think it’s the next best thing after electricity and the Internet, but this ad is just not working for me.

I get that they want to portray how fresh their sushi is, but it’s so not appetizing!




Bi-Xenon Volkswagen Ad

The ad mentions the following at the bottom: “Bi-xenon headlights standard on every Passat.”

Deer and other wandering animals won’t take any chances though…

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Fiat 500 Ad

I generally dislike this ad for the following reasons:

– I’m not a fan of French cars – at all!

– I am not a fan of using animals in advertising especially when dressed in teddy bear suits (ouch! Horrible Miley flashback!)

– I just am not buying this whole Fiat has a dark side thing, unless they mean that one side is painted in light colors and the second in black :p

Oh and PS: animals don’t have a dark side. People do.

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Reflex Paper Ad

Contrary to what many of us think, the quality of paper does matter – even back in the 80’s from which this ad was taken judging by their outfits!

After 8 years of working for a copy center / office supplies company and several training sessions and trials, I know this for a fact!



Oxy Skin Care Products Ad

I don’t think anyone has ever gone to these extremes before, but hey at least the idea was original…

But let’s all admit that at one point all of us have done something really stupid when it came to facial zits! I know I have! 😦

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Nintendo Game Boy Advance Ad

Ok, so maybe 2 of these ads are a tad too aggressive and visually disturbing, but they make us look and just “get” the idea: Once you pick up the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, you won’t put it down no matter what!

They are using the “shock” factor to grab people’s attention. I think it worked. Do you agree?

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