October Carries MY Wind of Change!

October has almost always been good to me over the years. It is the month that witnessed my birth. It is also the month that witnesses my rebirth every year.

It usually carries with it a lot of change – some good, some bad and some I am still mulling over whether good or bad! Either way, after a while, I know that October knows best and has my interest at heart.

What will it hold for me this year? I wonder.

I am sure there’s something. I can smell it. It’s close and I can feel it.

Either way, I am excited and anxious to see where October will take me this time around.

I promise you I will be positive and accepting, October. I really do. Whatever you decide to throw at me this year, I can handle it. Just you wait and see…

P.S.: In the spirit of winds and change and the windy weather we are witnessing today in Lebanon, I leave you with one of the best classics by the Scorpions, Wind of Change, and its last verse…

“The wind of change

Blows straight into the face of time

Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell

For peace of mind

Let your balalaika sing

What my guitar wants to say”